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Live what connect.

Grafs is represented in many parts of the world and lives values in which humanity, tolerance and honesty are a matter of course.

Polar Latitudes is an industry leader in

providing small ship expeditions to

Antarctica, combing an up-close and

personal experience with a deep

commitment to protecting this unique

and critically important environment.

Founded in 2010, Polar Latitudes remains

founder owned and operated, and solely

committed to the Antarctic continent.


EYOS Tenders are Zodiac Specialists who

prepare and sell boats and accessories

for Expedition and Adventure cruises.

Outfitting the Superyacht and Cruise

industry with all of their Tenders and Toy needs.


Rethinking school.

Learning for life.

Enthusiastic and encouraging.

A school for life.


Already in the year 2000 the trained confectioner Erich

Graf in St. Andrä opens the coffee-pastry shop Andreasplatz.

Not only because of its many years of experience as a hotel

manager on ships and in gastronomy management, but

above all because of the excellent quality of its products over

the years it has made a name far beyond the borders of the

Lavanttal, Austria.

Today there are a total of four locations of Graf’s Gastronomy,

including a restaurant, coffee houses and a shopping market!

Graf’s ImmoNet acts as a real estate holding

company. The Graf’s Aichelburghaus is one of the

newest projects in the heart of Wolfsberg’s old

town in Austria. But also, the development of the

Convent of Maria Loreto is one of the ongoing

projects, which will be a generational project and

make St. Andrä in Austria more attractive. Graf’s

ImmoNet is also involved in other projects in Austria.

Sustainability and attractiveness for the surrounding

environment is important for all investments.

In 2018, Mrs. Jelena Graf had fulfilled her dream

of her own dog studio in the well-known

Pötsch-Haus in St. Ändra in Austria. After a

successful training as a qualified dog stylist in Styria,

the desire to do this in a professional way became

even greater. In October 2018, after a small

renovation, the “Hunde Studio by Jelena Graf”

was able to open in the heart of St. Andrä. We

want to respond individually to customer requirements

and the welfare of the animals comes first.


Proteum Energy, is a clean energy producer

providing micro-refining technologies

capable of producing blue hydrogen and

designer fuels for power and compression.

Proteum Energy has a stated goal of providing

low carbon intensity hydrogen and industry

friendly and compatible services designed

to lower the overall carbon footprint

of produced fuels and related emissions

derived from the oil and gas industry.


Signum Hotel Operations Austria is an

internationally active company based in

Wolfsberg, Austria. Due to the many years

of experience in hotel catering on expeditions

ships in the polar regions, as well as special

expeditions with only few passengers, we offer

you a tailor-made hotel catering for your ships.

We take care of everything from staff to

equipment to provisions, so you can rely on us.

Through our partner Signum Hotel Operations

Australia, we offer you a contact person and

the necessary know-how in every hemisphere.

The Adventure Shipping Company is the operating and

marketing firm of the expedition ship Ocean Nova. A small

and intimate ship with a maximum capacity of 100

passengers paired with high-class catering and experienced

personnel, ideally for expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica

as well as exploring cruises all over the world. Due to the

hardened hull the ship easily can access ice destinations

and provide an extraordinary experience. With the Panorama

Lounge on the upper deck you are able to experience the

outdoors from inside whilst enjoying a drink of your choice.